Sunday, April 10, 2011

Annual RSO Fashion Show

As yet another school year nears the end, special events are happening all over campus. This weekend’s signature event was the Retail Sales Organization’s (RSO) fashion show at the Indiana Memorial Union. The show featured works from aspiring designers studying Apparel Merchandizing and Fashion Design at IU. 

For those not familiar with the workings of a real life fashion show, like me, the event was very easy to understand and enjoy. Models donned various works from the participating designers and walked the U-shaped runway for everyone in the audience to see. And with a full house anxiously awaiting the models to appear one after another, the atmosphere nearly had me convinced that I was in New York watching a high profile show with world renowned designers.

Unaware of the true levels of dedicated talent and creativity that goes into making fashionable clothing, the annual RSO fashion show has convinced me that clothing does not magically appear on the rack at a clothing store. Seeing the enthusiasm and attention to detail present in the production of the clothing and the event, one can only appreciate the work that these students have done throughout the year. And the best part of it all, the annual RSO fashion show is an energy filled experience that anyone can come and enjoy regardless of their interest in fashion, and admission is free.

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