Sunday, November 21, 2010

When the Weather goes South

As the weather situation here in Bloomington continues to gradually approach freezing, the outdoor activities that many students once enjoyed have now become little more than fond memories of warmer times. For many, these very memories are of physical activity, and not just merely walking to class without freezing. I’m talking about biking, running, football, Frisbee, tennis, swimming, and even the leisurely round of golf that some find time to squeeze in. All of these activities that students frequently enjoy during their first and last months on campus are seemingly lost and forgotten during the winter months, or so it seems…
Two facilities exist on campus to rediscover these activities during the winter months, but for brevity’s sake I will focus on the newest facility that many students prefer. The Student Recreational Sports Center, or SRSC, is an enormous complex that contains just about every kind of recreation area one might want. There are indoor pools, basketball, volleyball, tennis, racquetball and squash courts. Spacious workout studios designed for group sessions feature sectioned areas for everything from cardio to strength training, and there is even a one-eighth-mile indoor track.
All SRSC facilities except the tennis courts are available for student use during the regular academic year by simply presenting an IU Student ID card. Once inside, students have access to state-of-the-art fitness equipment and rental equipment. Rental equipment is available on the lower level and includes everything from pingpong paddles to volleyball nets. If there is an activity that the SRSC can accommodate, there is rental equipment available at no cost.
Those who see exercise facilities as breeding grounds for germs and other unsightly adventures can rest assured that the utmost care is taken by the SRSC staff and administration to ensure that conservative dress codes are followed and that equipment is thoroughly cleaned before and after each use. But don’t get the impression that this place is all about rules. It’s truly about you and what you want to do while you’re there. And if you don’t know what you want or how to accomplish it, just ask anyone wearing a dark blue SRSC polo shirt for help. Whatever you do, don’t sit inside all winter lamenting the lost days of warm weather!
So now that you’ve proven that you have enough focus and determination to read this entire blog post, jog over (you’ll be out in the cold for less time) to the SRSC and get started early on a New Year’s resolution that you might actually stick to this time. And if you really need some extra motivation, you can even drive your car and park for free (for up to two hours) in the SRSC’s parking lot. Sorry, but there are no excuses left. Hope to see you there…

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pulling an All-Nighter

As any true college student knows, there are nights when sleep takes a backseat to finishing projects and homework. And while the idea of an “all-nighter” is relatively straightforward for most students, doing it two nights in a row would likely be considered absurd! For many though, especially those in Greek fraternities and sororities, this intense sleep deprivation is just part of belonging to the second largest student-run philanthropic organization in the United States.

IU Dance Marathon is just one of many philanthropic events hosted throughout the year at Indiana University. Every November, the HPER building’s main gymnasium area is transformed into the largest dance floor imaginable. With incredibly loud music (likely to keep you awake for the entire 36 hours) and countless games and prizes, there’s never a boring moment over the course of the weekend.

In addition to the inherent fun, IU Dance Marathon is truly part of a greater purpose. Partnered with Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, IU Dance Marathon works year round to accumulate money for the hospital. These donors are instrumental in the identification, treatment and prevention of diseases and illnesses at Riley. Joining forces, IUDM and Riley Hospital for children have raised over seven million dollars. If you haven’t already, get involved with IUDM and donate your time and/or money to a great cause. 

For more information about the Indiana University Dance Marathon organization and/or event, please visit:

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A New Shopping Experience on Campus

As the finishing touches are being wrapped up around Union Street Center, the new convenience store located in Cedar Hall is now fully stocked and ready for business. Like nothing else on campus, the convenience store at Union Street Center offers far more than traditional boxed foods and snacks found at other campus convenience stores. With a full salad bar, seemingly endless beverage choices, fresh fruits and vegetables, gourmet sandwiches, and a truly incredible selection of organic and ethnically diverse foods and ingredients for nearly any possible culinary creation, Union Street Center has once again raised the bar for campus living and shopping.

From the moment you enter the store, it is obvious that you are no longer limited to prepackaged, frozen and/or dried food items that can be stashed in your closet or drawers for the remainder of the school year. Upon entering the intuitively arranged store, one’s senses are bombarded with colors, smells and the excitement of choice. With ranges, microwaves and full size refrigerator/freezers included with each apartment at Union Street, a new and unique shopping experience was foreseeable for IU’s newest residential facility. Student’s now have the ability to enjoy fresh, home cooked meals without leaving the comfort of their apartment.

As a resident of the Southeastern/Central neighborhoods, with some exposure to the dining facilities found in the Northwest neighborhood, I can positively say that the Union Street Center facilities have established an unprecedented standard of living in which no other facility on campus has offered before. And with the addition of one of the most complete miniature markets I have seen at a college campus, and many other features and amenities still in the works, the definition of “campus living” is being rewritten at Union Street Center Apartments.