Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ben's Summer

          Hello there and welcome to my blog! My name is Bennett Dillon, I go by Ben, and I am from a small town just ten miles northeast of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I’m returning to IUB this year as a sophomore majoring in Environmental Management. I believe I share the same, nearly unbearable, desire as every other student at IUB when I say that I couldn’t wait to get back on campus this fall; back into the amazing cultures, the unique traditions, and of course, back into the incredible academic environment that Indiana University has to offer! Throughout high school I was always the person who chose not to be exclusive to any one group or activity, and this mentality has, and will, continue to play a key role in my personal enjoyment at IU. Indiana University is a breeding ground for new friends, new activities, new ideas, and most importantly, new chances to discover who you are. As I discovered last year as a freshman, there is never a moment that something, somewhere on campus, isn’t going on. From the moment you first unlock the door to your room, all the way up to the sound of the trunk sandwiching everything you own back into the car for summer vacation, there are places to go, people to see, and things to do that will not only stimulate your thoughts and interests, but shape your life! IU and Bloomington together have encouraged me to break free and experience performances, speeches, festivals and cultures that I didn’t even know existed.
          After the completion of my unforgettable freshman year, began one of the busiest summers i could have ever imagined. While my summer has truly been utterly enjoyable, much of it has required a great deal of flexibility and cooperation from my family, friends and employers. As I was nearing finals week, calls began coming in for job offers that I had honestly given up hope of receiving. Little beknown to me that this would be the beginning of a seemingly sleepless summer, much worse than anything I had endured at school (yes, even worse than finals week). After making my fair share of last minute, late night trips home for interviews and pre-employment screenings, I was officially employed by both Edy’s Grand Ice Cream and Pine Valley Country Club. With the Job at Edy’s being described to me as a factory job, where I would officially be titled as an “Ice Cream Maker,” thoughts of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factor instantly began circulating throughout my mind; whereas my “Outdoor Service Attendant” title at PVCC was nothing new to me, as I had worked previously at Fort Wayne Country Club in the same capacity for three years. As you might expect, my job at the Country Club was just as I had planned it would be, flexible hours with straightforward duties and responsibilities. Edy’s on the other hand was an unexpected taste of how the real world actually operates. With twelve hour shifts starting at 5 P.M. and ending the next morning at 5 A.M., and work weeks of 36 or 48 hours, life was anything but ordinary when it came to scheduling two jobs and finding time to complete summer projects and reconnect with friends and family after my eight month hiatus. Although, despite the unbelievable time commitment and attendance policy of my job at Edy’s, it was an unforgettable experience to be alongside hard working adult men and women, getting a hands on preview of what “work” really is and what it really means to “work” for a living.
When I wasn’t working this summer, I spent most of my time hanging out with some of my best friends from both high school and IU. Throughout the summer, much of my time has been spent playing golf, swimming, driving cars, watching movies, enjoying a warm camp fire and of course, taking pictures along the way. But, after a handful of stress-free drives through the country, breathtaking quarry jumping adventures, pleasant rounds of golf and long evenings in good company, my summer has come to an end. But as they say, “with every ending comes a new beginning.” For me, this new beginning is yet another incredible year at Indiana University, Bloomington. And as with any great adventure, I invite you to join me in exploring all that IU and Bloomington has to offer. Please stop in weekly to read my latest blog entry and view my newest photos from my journeys around campus and through life as a college student. Thanks again for taking the time to read about my summer, hope to see you back here soon!