Sunday, March 13, 2011

Automotive Maintenance on Campus

Having a car on campus is one of life's necessities for many students, even with gas prices on the rise again, but this luxury still involves a little upkeep every once in a while. And as many college students with cars will attest, spending money on repairs or maintenance isn't usually a high priority so long as the engine starts and the wheels spin. But for those moments of ambitious automotive care, there are many resources around Bloomington to lessen the blow of keeping your car running smoothly.

With warm weather once again becoming commonplace in the weekly forecast, giving your car a fresh wash is never difficult to complete with four self-serve and five automatic car washes in the Bloomington area.

For those who like to keep their tires at the right pressure to maximize fuel economy and tread life, almost all Circle K gas stations around town offer free access to air hoses. Considering that other stations often charge $.25-$.75 for a measly minute or two of air, this seemingly insignificant resource is quite helpful and can save you a few dollars over the course of the year.

Leaving a car out in the cold weather is never easy on batteries and other electronic components that vehicles rely on to run properly. And with check-engine lights being triggered by anything from a loose gas cap to a dying transmission, it's difficult to know what you need to fix when these warnings illuminate your instrument panel. Luckily, most of the auto parts stores around Bloomington offer free check engine-light readings without any appointment or advanced notice. If you're lucky, the sensor can be simply reset or, if a part is needed, it can be purchased and installed on the spot.

And when things go beyond jumping a battery or changing out a flat tire, Bloomington has an abundance of trustworthy, competitively priced automotive repair shops to choose from. Everything from domestics to imports and tires to engines is available. So don't skimp too much on basic care for your car while at IU, there are plenty of ways to keep the costs low while still ensuring that your car is properly cared for.

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